Sunday, September 9, 2012

Autumn, where art thou?

Fall in my Heart

It's 90 degrees in San Diego, and Fall seems as far away as Christmas. Yet, I'm ready for the weather to change (as much as it does in Southern California). My son started high school this year. My novel is with an outside reader right now, and hopefully we are getting closer to perfection. I completed the Solana Beach Triathlon in August, and didn't do too badly. So, now I am ready for a new season, and a new chapter in my life.

Several years ago we lived in Connecticut. Fall was the best time of the year there. We lived in Glastonbury, and every Fall they had a wonderful festival on the town green with everything you can imagine that represents a new season. We also went apple picking in Connecticut every fall. It was such a wonderful time of year. Now that we are back in California, living by the beach, we still hold that time close to our hearts.  It may not be the same, but in my mind, and in my heart, I am back in New England with the Fall foliage, crisp weather, and hot apple cider. Fall is forever in my heart.

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  1. Hi Melissa, I tried to contact you about the San Diego Local Authors Exhibit but did not work. If you have a valid e-mail address we'd love to add it to our database. Feel free to contact me with any questions/comments - thanks!

    Rachel Esguerra
    San Diego Public Library