Saturday, March 28, 2015

Oh Yeah!

Yep, I wrote a book, a novella (a short novel), and yes it was published. It didn't do too horribly, had some decent reviews too that I didn't actually pay for, but that was a while ago. I'm working on a new one, had an agent really excited about it, and then she lost her excitement (fickle as she was). I have another agent excited about it now, so things are looking up. In the meantime, I pretend to be an intellectual authoress, who dances while vacuuming (really well too), fantasizes about cake, and thinks because she works out she can eat and drink whatever she wants.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring On My Mind

Okay, I love Spring. I'm sure most do.
Something happens to me and I start to come alive. Living in So Cal, we don't really go dormant like some in colder climates, but there is something about spring and my state of mind. Maybe it's because my son's birthday is in the spring. But honestly, I just love the weather, the flowers (especially lilacs and peonies), and the fashion. Don't get me wrong. I love boots in the fall and winter. I collect coats, even though I rarely wear them, and scarfs. But with spring comes a whole new world of fashion. There are so many fun trends right now. Just a few new pieces can accentuate a fabulous spring wardrobe.

My Three Best Fashion Pics for Spring:

1. Jumpsuit. Diane von Furstenberg has some darling jumpsuits, both in shorts or pants. Granted, they can be a bit pricy. But you can find one in your price range without a doubt.

2. Strappy sandals, not too high or platformy (is that a word??). Nude is hot right now, and I really love this look.

3. Gold jewelry- Think Charlie's Angels (The series, not the bad movie.) Don't go overboard, but gold goes with anything, trust me.

Spring is synonymous with a good mood, and how you feel affects how you look. Embrace the season. Fill your house with lilacs, and you will see how happy you will be.

Friday, January 23, 2015

My O' My...Been a Long Time

Happy New Year!!  

Time to reflect briefly on the past and move forward. What do I want to achieve in 2015? Is there something missing in my life? If so, go out and get it.  It's never too late to reach out and get that one thing you've been wanting. Do the things you dream about. Work toward that goal. Live the life you've dreamed of (someone else said that I'm sure).  

 Why do we need anyone else helping us to live our lives? Be your own Life Coach...take charge.  I tell myself this all the time. Embrace those you love and often.  These are my resolutions this year, and I'm stickin' to 'em.