Monday, July 30, 2012


I ask my son to set goals for himself, both in school and in sports. Sometimes, they are a little unrealistic, but he's learning. Setting realistic goals is a challenge at any age. In the past I have said I would like to be a published author, have better health, run faster, swim better, etc, etc, but I never mapped out how to achieve these things. I realize I need to be more specific, and when I am specific my goals are attainable.

Improve my triathlon time: (Practice swimming in open water. Note to self: sharks are our friends)

Publish my novel (I'm working on it.)

Eat less sweets (I'm pretty good about this, but then there's Sprinkles.)

Laugh more (Admittedly, I laugh a lot, but I just like to remind myself)

Spend some time everyday with a good book (finding the time is hard, but well worth it)

Listening to good music (thank you, Pandora)

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